Spontaneity and Expertise, The two Sides of Equation

During his plastic experience, Abd El Salam Eid embarked upon numerous paths. We remember
here the eminent sculptor August Rodin (1840-1917) saying: “Art is a feeling or
emotion, but without manual dexterity, emotion, whatever its vigor, would remain shackled”.
Eid had possessed a dexterity that enabled him to launch unreservedly, and without verification,
his artistic emotion. Along his career, his creation has been marked by freedom, eloquence,
and originality, putting him in the forefront of avant-garde artists of Egypt.
A glimpse at his work reveals a concurrence between a contended spontaneity, and dexterity. Spontaneity
in the creative experience of Eid, is the fruit of a long periods of activity. Sound thoughts are
not easily come to the intellect, except because of diligence and assiduity… an endeavor to find
the right doors…Eid has been engaged in an art adventure, meanwhile fulfilling the most important
conditions: the depth of intuition and the great skill.
Eid never stop working, perhaps due to his internal belief that artistic intuition would come only
when he works and reflects his visions. We can notice that through his quick drawings, which he
executes during the staff meeting, as a professor at the faculty of fine Arts, are a minute lesson in
creation. We were lucky to follow its details. Through simple materials, no more than a pencil, ball-point, a piece of empty paper, and a coffee cup residue, he starts with simple lines, which represent

his point of departure. Soon you would find him wholly absorbed. Lines, colors, and hatchings are
superposed, forming a sweet balanced work, as it is seen before our eyes, but no sooner had he
finished, the Artist tear the paper to pieces, reinstalling the composition in a new shape. He may
wrinkle the paper in his fist, then unfolds it, to rediscover again, in its new texture… it’s now in a new
creative compass, with which the Artist would be engaged, or he would keep it up to be a part of
a collage work, he himself is not aware yet of how he will start. Here the competent performance
is transferring the artist from one state to the other, giving him confidence to continue his enduring
new aesthetic discoveries.
This attitude has much significance. It means that the Artist is not convinced with primary turnouts,
nor satisfied with easy success, or contented with accessible possibilities. He considers that the
most important achievement is the experience in itself. For him, the real delight is search, discovery,
and experimentation. This experimentation is a continuous training upon freedom and spontaneity.
And that has maintained the Artist’s vitality, and his performance out flow
Abd El Salam Eid is fond of surprise. He surprises even himself. A breaking in his painting is being
kept as it is, and could be combined with the texture of the work itself. Unintended fall of rop