Discovery of the universe through Art

Carlo Bani
“…They came from their homelands,
carrying with them their stories and tales
…they are in need of a residence…”
The poems “the voyager of marine days” of Roland le Cordier, calls to memory the paintings
and figures of Abd El- Salam Eid… A continuous search for spiritual values, to conclude an
integrated significance for man in the future of history.

To be sure, the interior vision of the artist Eid possesses some traces of that far oriental spirit. For
that reason, he is taking us to the non-personal absolute, to the one and only, which is every thing.
That concept and the universal principle of unity, which was not only belonging to Christians and
Muslims, but we also find it in the honest belief of the Gods, and Indian doctrines, has triggered
the attention of the West, and has been manifested in the works of Alexander von Humboldt (1769-
1859), and Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).
For Eid, the world’s vision is roaming over the sacred years of oriental culture, and thus, he is verifying
the ethical values of that culture. As a principle for salvation, it presents itself in good deeds,
good words, and good ideas; He establishes his concepts upon Islamic and oriental thought. So
you can always perceive a devoted trend to the holy and a hymn to God…indeed his God address
all humanity along history, and in all literatures… that what we also find in the mystical trend towards
the universal and sacred spirit…in Tagore’s writings, in the intuitive wisdom of Umar El- Khaiam, in
Saint Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, in the poetry of T.S. Eliot “the waste Land”, and in the sentiment
of human brotherhood of Antoine de Saint Exupery.

The Artworks of Abd El – Salam Eid, such as : Metamorphoses, intensifier of time, culture shock,
and the black and white group, which represent, in an integrated formula, the artist’s trend, are
recalling the delightful expression of Larry King (the famous American television host). They are
discovering the world through art, and passing across the windows of the soul.
Such surrealism, and the relation between sublimation and a cosmic beauty, liberates Eid from
the roughness of daily life, and from the sorrows of the world. The visions of Eid may be mixed or
interlaced with a pessimistic tendency, but that has no relation with the French existentialist’s boredom,
or their nihilism. It’s a kind of religious and aesthetic education, that is carried by the oriental
artist to mankind, in the illuminated and materialist west, where a deceived search for lost scientific
paradises (which would guarantee happiness on Earth), is conducted. What a useless waiting, if the
eyes and souls does not want to see further than that. An Infinite Realm, where the fruits of heaven
are evident and miraculous…!!
There are works that convey us to the unity of desert amid winds and stones. Such monochrome
unity at these desert regions are not of a Freudian pulsation or a nihilistic Sectarian , but a direct
refuge to God and meditation.
In That Desert, colors and lights are not frozen. There are no limited time or worried nature.. There is
no fanciful tendency, even if Eid is using surrealist symbols and suggestions. It’s a part of emotions
that want to demolish material, time, and space, for the sake of the thought’s awakening.
Here the earth’s perspective is a prehistoric one. It is also passing by the present moment. Even
when man is being there, with his precise technological means, life would be impossible, if he would
not liberate himself from representing the world of phenomenon.
The vigorous desire of Eid to destroy that dry geometric forms is evident in his attempts to let them
taking a cosmic homogeneity with his thoughts and emotions, where the formal content seems as
it’s a two dimensional structure, that cancel the limits of time, carrying it to ethereal dimensions.
The art of Abd El-Salam Eid, under the influence or approach with modernity in European art, where
they exchange an intense interaction, is offering objective conclusions, together with a new optical
vision, shapes, and forms, which are emerging from a mental pulsation, that is clarifying and suggesting
a collapse of a machines civilization, at the same time, it is leading us to breathe a poetry
full of implications.

Indeed our Artist is wading in a vigorous struggle against consumer forms, a kind of nightmares,
and embezzlement of love and affection…!!. For that, he is striving to grant a human particularity
upon the city of machines, trying to emphasize that we should find innocence and peace within the
human self.
Abd El Salam Eid is here for that…so congratulations. His Art has found a resonance of criticism

Carlo Bani