Is one of the pioneers of contemporary Egyptian art who lived global transformations of modern society and interacted with his issues, his ways and his school, which clearly reflected in his experience artistic unique  that many paths in the field of photography and business murals taken since the sixties century during which he won numerous international awards.

We can identify clearly what added that experience creativity to the world of arts Configurable in Egypt and the Arab world and in which they participated in most exhibitions, forums and biennials the world, not only of critical studies and serious specialist who wrote about his experience and creative but also obviously interaction and direct with the masses of Egyptian society, who grabbed his artistic experience in the field of photography parietal and transfer through which the art of the exhibition halls to the walls of the city, achieving great continuity with the children of his community through the wall his works carried out throughout his career on large tracts throughout and squares of Egyptian cities and the World Of interacted with the masses presented through these works of many contemporary plastic and visual and symbolic values ​​that have affected the taste ordinary scenes and re-link between him and the fine arts to prove that the Egyptian man his tally of civilization and its history, which confirms its ability to accommodate aesthetic values ​​high.

And in front of this bus art experience the Persian Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2010, issuing a comprehensive book about his artistic career, and now holds the Egyptian General Book Authority 2012-2013 print book (murals Abdul Salam Festival of thought and technical), the artist offers in which all his experience in the field of photography parietal.

The experience of Prof. Dr. / Abdul Salam artistic festival, despite the diversity of their tributaries jointly represented by the spirit of the Egyptian civilization to see authentic worth about those important position as a leader of the pioneers of contemporary Egyptian art who deserve


Born: April 28/1943, Alexandria, Egypt
• Emeritus Professor of Painting
• Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University
• State Prize of merit “2005”
• Academic qualifications:
• BSc. Fine Arts, Faculty of fine arts, Alex. Univ., 1969
“Distinction, degree of Honour”
• M.sc. Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Dep., Alex. Univ. 1974
“Future prospects in the Art of painting”
• Ph.D.Urbino Italy, Painting Departme

Art Critique

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